Advantages of a Concrete Driveway

On the surface, it is clear why many homeowners may choose asphalt over concrete driveway installation; after all, asphalt is more affordable, quickly installed, and weather tolerant. However, we try to teach our clients to look deeper than the initial installation and face value. Concrete has several advantages over an asphalt driveway, especially in the long term. Concrete is:

  • Low maintenance
  • Durable
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Customizable

Concrete is Less Fussy

While the initial cost may influence homeowner decisions, concrete is a more stable medium than asphalt. Without routine sealing, asphalt will crack and fail. You need to reseal asphalt every three to five years to ensure its 20-year lifespan. Six months after the initial installation, you must also seal the surface.

Concrete, alternatively, does not require sealing to last its unbelievable standard lifespan range of 30 to 40 years, nearly double a typical asphalt driveway. However, if you want to limit the appearance of potential stains, sealing your concrete driveway can preserve its beauty for the long haul. You can also maintain the integrity of the driveway with regular pressure washing to avoid staining altogether.

Concrete Driveway Construction is More Durable

Determining the load capacity for concrete is straightforward. For an average installation, the slab must be four inches minimum, but every additional inch increases the carrying capacity by 50%. The relative thickness and ability of concrete to maintain structural integrity under immense force make it a far more durable product than asphalt.

Asphalt, which relies on the soil and type of vehicle use, varies in thickness, with most driveways between four and six inches thick. However, the flexibility of the material makes it more susceptible to change because of weight variation. You may notice that large areas of asphalt, especially after a few years, show signs of waving or dipping.

Homeowners Prefer the Look of Concrete, Increasing Resale Value

According to a study by Michigan State University, curb appeal can increase a home’s value by up to 11%. Concrete provides a more polished finish to the exterior of your home than asphalt. Asphalt does not allow for beautiful and crisp finished edging or color variations, at least not to the extent of concrete. Beyond edge variation and color choice, concrete provides the options for individualism and expression.

Asphalt Restricts Individual Preference and Design Choice

While it is possible to achieve some level of tonal variation with asphalt, the material does not allow for the same versatile and unique design variation as concrete. A homeowner can choose from several available concrete stains to suit their color palette. However, one of the most impressive features of working with skilled concrete driveway contractors is stamped concrete.

Do you love the durability and longevity of concrete but wish you could make it look like another material? Concrete stamps allow a homeowner to choose the look of other materials while still experiencing concrete strength. For example, you can make your driveway look like brick, wood, stone, and many other materials or designs. Talk with one of our representatives to discover the wide variety of choices available to you.


As experienced concrete driveway contractors, we know the benefits of concrete over asphalt, and we want to ensure that homeowners make an educated decision when choosing their driveway material. If you want a low cost, maintenance-heavy, and design restrictive material, go with asphalt. If, on the other hand, you want a material that will last twice as long, nearly 40 years, requires less work, and offers several design advantages while maintaining its structural integrity and beauty, then concrete is your only choice, but don’t just take our word for it, do your homework and feel confident in your decision.

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