Concrete Curbs and Gutters

Gutters and curbs are standard features found in most public and commercial landscapes. While often played down as insignificant, gutters and curbs are actually quite important in creating a landscape that is both beautiful and functional. At G&G Concrete & Construction Inc. we specialize in commercial concrete construction in Oakland County, including the design and construction of gutters and curbs. See why quality-made gutters and curbs are so important to your commercial construction project.  

Curb Appeal

As stated by its name, curb appeal begins with attractive and well-constructed curbing. We offer a variety of styles to give you the exact look you need in your finished outdoor design. We can do it all. Popular designs include:
    • Decorative curbs
    • Barrier curbs
    • Mountable curbs

Functional Design

In addition to creating a visually pleasing result, good gutters and curbs will also serve practical functions. Gutters are essential in guiding irrigation water and storm runoff into proper drainage outlets. You don’t want your commercial facility destroyed by sitting water that could have been easily redirected. We can create a design that flows well in your particular construction project. We even have experience installing catch basins.

Create Clear Boundaries

Finally, concrete curbs and gutters create natural barriers for cars and pedestrians. Many landscape projects are adjacent to parking areas. Tall curbs create a protective barrier which prevents vehicles from parking on the grass or mowing-down flowerbeds. On the other hand, mountable curbs create a natural gradient for vehicles to use when entering or exiting a parking lot or property. Passersby will also be less likely to walk into planted areas when protected with a concrete curbing. Curbing creates a clear line between walkways and landscaping. No matter what you are trying to keep-out or confine, our curbing options can be tailored to your project’s unique specifications.

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