Concrete Driveway Care and Maintenance

A concrete slab can last for over 50 years when professionally installed and well cared for. Because of its longevity, concrete is a preferred construction material for driveways. It can withstand extremely heavy loads and provides good cost value. It is important to perform concrete driveway maintenance every now and again, to have necessary repairs performed professionally and to replace a damaged and unsightly driveway when necessary.


Concrete driveway maintenance includes keeping your driveway clean. Spills should be removed immediately to avoid staining. This can be done using a pressure washer and specific chemicals sold for concrete cleaning purposes. Driveways that are customized with stamping should be resealed every one to two years to maintain their appearance and functionality.


The weather in southeast Michigan contributes to wear on a driveway. Water that penetrates the surface of your driveway and then freezes has the potential to create cracks. In addition, the ice melt products that are often used in winter conditions also serves to deteriorate concrete construction.

Cracks that form in your concrete driveway can be filled and patched professionally to prolong the life of your driveway. Other types of damage can be repaired by having your driveway recolored or resurfaced. Sunken driveways can be repaired by modifying the subgrade materials.


In certain cases, extensive repairs may cost just as much as a complete replacement. Consider new concrete driveway construction as a practical option to meet your needs. When starting again with a new slab, you will have options to customize the design of your driveway to complement your taste and home style.

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