Curb and Gutter Detail

Curb and gutter construction is an underestimated landscaping detail. However, it is very important. A well-designed curb helps guide water into storm drains and prevents drivers from parking on lawns. A high-quality curb and gutter detail can add character to the surrounding area.

curb and gutter detail

There are curb styles with many different functions. Barrier curbs are raised concrete slabs that prevent vehicles leaving the pavement. Mountable curbs slope downward and allow vehicles to cross. There are also decorative curbs that accent garden beds or city parks.

Businesses need curb and gutters that will withstand years of use, as well as add attractiveness to the landscape. G&G Concrete & Construction Inc has a variety of concrete design options for you to choose from that will last and not detract from the design aesthetic.

Curb and gutters will need repair after years of use. Weather, chemicals and poor construction can contribute to the degradation of concrete curbs. Fortunately, G&G Concrete & Construction Inc specializes in curb & gutter repair, in addition to construction. Whether you need a barrier or mountable curb, we can come up with a design that is both affordable and sturdy.

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