Loading Dock Plan

A Smart Loading Dock Plan Starts With Size

Your loading dock plan construction requires careful and meticulous planning when it comes to size. With the maneuvering of massive delivery trucks and expensive loading equipment, you don’t want to take any chances with poor design. Considering these aspects of loading dock size will get you off to a good start.


loading dock plan

Dock heights that are too high or too low result in inefficient loading and offloading, which can significantly slow down delivery times. You also run the risk of product getting damaged during a cumbersome transfer process. If the heights of your delivery trucks vary, then calculate the midpoint of your highest and lowest trucks to determine the best loading dock height.


Clearance is an important factor to consider when mapping out the width of your loading dock, especially when multiple trucks need to be accommodated at one time. Typically, bay sizes are 12 feet wide to give trucks ample room to back in without too much trouble. Proper width also makes loading and unloading a smoother process.

Dock Approach and Apron Size

The approach is the area directly beneath the loading dock. Depending on existing conditions and the loading dock designer’s specific plans, the approach will do one of three things:

  • Incline
  • Decline
  • Level off

A level dock approach is the ideal situation, but when an incline or decline is required, it’s important to consider surrounding specifications to accommodate it. For example, a declining approach will require an outdoor landing in front of the door. Otherwise the angle of approach may cause the truck to collide with the building.

The apron size of your loading dock refers to the amount of space you allow for trucks to pull up or back out of each bay. A typical truck will need a space that is double its length in order to maneuver safely.

Plan Ahead

A well-thought-out loading area can result in an efficient delivery process with minimum workflow disruption or product damage. If you’re constructing a new loading dock or simply need repairs, G&G Concrete & Construction Inc can help. Call us now at 586-588-9401.



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