Mobile Home Repair Service

Mobile homes are an affordable and convenient form of housing in the modern age. These low environmental impact communities are becoming home to seniors, new couples, and young families. Mobile homes repair and servicing is necessary for investors looking to take advantage of this growing market.

No one is going to live in a place with a rotten floor, bad electrical system, or leaking roof. Avoid the hassle of dealing with difficult repairs, overwhelming numbers of problems, and ever-changing construction laws by hiring a professional.

mobile home repair service

The Exterior

The first thing any potential resident will see is the exterior. A dilapidated roof or damaged door makes potential customers consider looking at the next mobile home park.

Missing shingles expose the interior to thousands of dollars worth of water damage. Professional mobile home repair companies not only fix the roof’s functionality, they make it look better.

A loose or broken door presents a security risk to the home’s residents. They also provide an incomplete seal, increasing the energy needed to climate control the interior.

The Interior

Once the exterior has started the sales pitch, the interior needs to seal the deal. Your customers will be looking at the following:

  • The Floor: Is the carpet or linoleum clean and in good repair? Is the plywood underneath solid and dry?
  • The Bathroom: Are the toilet, sink, and shower leaking water? Do they possess cracks or loose fixtures?

These problems have simple fixes to create a more inviting and comfortable interior for your residents. They can be done quickly and cheaply so you can move forward with the rental process.

Call G&G Concrete for Your Mobile Home Repair

You can greatly improve the look, comfort, and safety of your mobile homes for less money than you think. Talk to us today to see our game plan for getting your community up to code. It’s better to nip it in the bud than frantically search for “mobile home repair near me” when something goes wrong.



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