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G&G Concrete and Construction Inc. has been one of the most trusted residential concrete contractors in Eastern Michigan for over 20 years. Our team of skilled tradesmen have handled every type of residential concrete contracting project imaginable, and manage every project with the same level of professionalism and care.

Read on to learn more about our full line of residential concrete services, or contact us today to get started with a project estimate. 

Residential Concrete Services

Michigan experiences more frequent freeze-thaw cycles than 75% of the country. These recurring weather patterns can wreak havoc on concrete surfaces, damage that often goes unnoticed until spring or summer.

During winter months, snow, ice, and water can enter the voids in your concrete sidewalks, driveways, and patio surfaces. When warm weather returns, you may notice uneven concrete joints, tiny cracks, along with concrete blisters, chipping, or scaling. That’s where G&G can help. We can replace and repair residential driveways, concrete walkways, and concrete patio surfaces. 

Concrete Driveways

Never trust your concrete driveway resurfacing to inexperienced residential concrete contractors. At G&G, we know all the factors that must come together to ensure a high-quality, professionally installed concrete driveway.

The results of an experienced concrete contracting project include:

  • A Durable Surface Without Cracks or Weak Spots
  • An Even Slab Thickness Without Dips or Hills
  • A Uniform FInish Without Defects or Blemishes

You can count on our skilled concrete technicians to get the job done right. Call today to request a new concrete driveway installation estimate.

Concrete Patios

If you want a long-lasting patio, consider using concrete. Durable and resident to elemental damage, concrete can last up to 30 years or longer with little maintenance. 

At G&G, we use our industry experience to ensure that your concrete patio is not only durable, but also aesthetically pleasing. We can use concrete texturing, unconventional shapes, vibrant colors, or concrete stamping to create a one-of-a-kind concrete patio for you. Call us today to learn more.

Concrete Walkways

As a homeowner, your concrete walkways must be in good condition to prevent slip and fall accidents and other liability issues. As one of Michigan’s most trusted residential concrete contractors, you can trust us to give you both the durability and beauty that you need. 

When you work with us, you’ll get a 100% customized process from start to finish—you choose your finish, color, and design, and we handle the rest. Contact us today to get started with a project estimate.

Stamped Concrete

Add a flair of creativity to your front or backyard with stamped concrete. We can custom design outdoor patios, play areas, outdoor kitchens, lounge spaces, and more. Additionally, we can also create unique designs that mimic the natural appearance of stone, brick, and slate.

When compared to brick laying or stone paving, stamped concrete is affordable. Plus, it’s long-lasting and aesthetically versatile. You’ll not only get a beautiful design, but also save money for years to come. 

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As a family-owned business, G&G Concrete and Construction is dedicated to our friends and neighbors in Michigan. That’s why we’re committed to being honest, transparent, and professional in everything that we do. When you work with us, you can expect thorough consultations, exceptional customer service, and competitive prices. 

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