Types of Curbing

Different Types of Concrete Curbs

Curbs have many important practical applications, but they can also be a great way to add a finishing touch to a construction project. While people understand what a curb is, few realize that there are actually different types of concrete curbs. Each type performs a slightly different function. There are three different types of concrete curbs:
  • Barrier curbs
  • Mountable curbs
  • Decorative curbs

Barrier Curbs

Barrier curbs support safe and orderly traffic patterns. You’ll find them in parking lots, as well as on most city and residential streets. The elevation of the curb prevents drivers from inadvertently crossing over onto sidewalks or greenery. Barrier curbs may also help to designate parking spaces in large lots.

Mountable Curbs

A mountable curb dips down towards the road, allowing drivers access in and out of an area surrounded by barrier curbs. Entrances to parking lots frequently feature mountable curbs. Intersections are another popular spot for them, so that wheelchairs and strollers can leave the sidewalk to cross the street.

Decorative Curbs

Unlike barrier and mountable curbs, decorative curbs are not generally used by drivers. These curbs help to section off landscaping in parks or backyards. Not only do they provide a nice aesthetic touch, but they protect greenery from being trampled. Because these are decorative, you use a variety of concrete colors to achieve the exact look you’re going for.

What About Gutters?

No street or parking curb is complete without a gutter. The gutter forms the base of the curb, and it’s inclined just enough to direct rainwater to the nearest drainage system. This is important because it keeps streets and parking areas from flooding during the rainy season.

Choose the Right Curb for the Job

When building any new structure, a construction expert can help you determine the most appropriate curb type in a given area. For all your concrete curb and gutter needs, contact G&G Concrete & Construction Inc. You can request a quote online via the quick form on our website.

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