Commercial Concrete Construction

Commercial Concrete Services

Do you need commercial concrete services for you business? If so, G&G Concrete & Construction Inc. is a family owned business with over 20 years of experience ready to help you will all your commercial concrete needs.

Curb and Gutter

Curbs come in multiple styles based on their function. Depending on whether or not you want cars to be able to drive over the curb, they can be either mountable or barrier. You can also accentuate your landscaping with decorative curbs. At G & G, we don’t only construct gutters and curbs. Even the best and most well built curbs will break down over time. When you need to repair your curbs, probably years after installation, and one of our specialists will repair your curb and gutter to its former level of beauty and functionality.  

Parking Lot Construction and Repair

 As a parking lot material, concrete has several advantages over asphalt, both practically and aesthetically. Concrete requires less maintenance and handles hot weather a lot better than asphalt, which will increase the life of your parking lot. In addition, concrete offers many more design options to give your customers a favorable impression of your business before they even walk in the door.

Commercial Road Repair Macomb, MI

Inexpensive and eco-friendly concrete is an ideal material for long-lasting commercial road repair. There are two factors that set our commercial road repair service apart from the others:
  • The most advanced construction methodology
  • Concrete of superior quality

Catch Basin Installation

Standing water on your property can be a hazard as well as a nuisance. It can break down your driveways and parking lots, damage your building foundation, and provide a breeding ground for bloodthirsty mosquitoes. When installed in a low area of your property, water will flow into the catch basin and be routed into the sewers.

Work With the Experts

Our specialists have the expertise to assist you with any and all of your commercial concrete needs. You can obtain an estimate for your project by contacting us at 586-588-9401.

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