Catch Basin Installation

Catch basins are an essential component to any landscape drainage setup, as they help collect runoff and reduce potential water damage. At G&G Concrete & Construction, we offer efficient and reliable catch basin installation services to businesses throughout Southeast Michigan. With over two decades of experience, you can rely on our team for quality workmanship and exceptional service.

Benefits of Catch Basins

Catch Basin being installed
  • Effective Water Management: Concrete catch basins prevent flooding, erosion, and structural damage by efficiently managing the pooling of water on the property.
  • Environmental Compliance: Catch basins help businesses meet storm water management regulations, ensuring responsible environmental practices and avoiding potential fines.
  • Safety: Basins enhance safety by preventing slip-and-fall accidents caused by standing water or slippery pavement and grass.
  • Cost Savings: Catch basins reduce long-term maintenance costs, protect surfaces like asphalt and concrete, and extend the life of infrastructure.

Signs You May Want to Install a Catch Basin

Standing water in a cracked parking lot If you’ve noticed any of the following signs, contact us today to schedule your catch basin installation:
  • Standing Water: Puddles that linger long after rain.
  • Frequent Flooding: If certain areas flood regularly, it’s time to consider a catch basin.
  • Erosion & Soil Washout: Visible channels or gullies in the landscape are often the result of water consistently running over or through the soil, indicating poor drainage.
  • Potholes & Pavement Damage: These often develop when water compromises the substrate under the pavement, indicating that it’s time for a more effective drainage solution.
  • Silt & Debris Accumulation: If drains are slow to clear or leave a trail of sediment, your current system may not be up to par.

Our Catch Basin Installation Process

  1. Consultation & Site Evaluation: We start every project with an in-depth assessment, taking note of any signs that suggest the need for a catch basin, such as standing water or frequent flooding. All quotes are free.
  2. Design & Planning: Once you accept your quote, our team will create a drainage solution that respects the aesthetic and functional requirements of your commercial space. We won’t move onto the next step until you give us the final approval.
  3. Excavation & Installation: Our seasoned crew obtains the necessary permits, prepares the site, and installs your catch basin.
  4. Quality Assurance: We diligently backfill and finish the site, conducting a thorough inspection to ensure your installation meets our strict standards.

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