Concrete Curb & Gutter Repairs

Concrete curbs and gutters can offer years of functionality and aesthetic appeal. However, even concrete implements do sometimes need repairs. When your curbs or gutters need repairs, G&G Concrete & Construction Inc. is the concrete curbing contractor you can count on. Keep reading to learn more about how we can help you, or contact us today to schedule concrete gutter repairs.

The Role of Curbs & Gutters

Curbs and gutters are underestimated landscaping details, but are very important to both residential and commercial properties.  Essentially, a curb is a short concrete wall that acts as a barrier between grassy areas and paved areas. The curb encourages drivers to keep automobiles on the pavement or in designated areas. Gutters are abutted concrete slabs installed alongside a curb that drain water down a provided path and into a catch system, whether that is a storm drain or otherwise. Therefore, a well-designed curb with adjoined gutters serves two primary functions: traffic and water control.

Curb & Gutter Details

Additionally, curb and gutter detail can add aesthetic character to the surrounding area. These implements can have several forms, including decorative, barrier, and mountable curbs. Decorative curbs serve as an accent to landscaped areas or city parks; barrier curbs, as seen in parking lots, are raised concrete slabs that prevent vehicles leaving the pavement; mountable curbs, usually placed before entrances and driveways, slope downward and allow vehicles to cross.

When Should You Replace or Repair Concrete Curbs & Gutters?

Concrete gutter and curb repairs may be needed after they’ve been exposed to the elements for many years. As soon as you recognize damage, it’s important to schedule repairs.  Signs that you need concrete gutter repairs or curb repairs include cracks, crumbling areas, and large segments of concrete that are breaking off. With concrete gutters specifically, you may even see that water is not flowing alongside pavement the way it normally should. If you notice any signs of damage, you need to schedule concrete gutter repairs or curb repairs as soon as possible.

Why You Need to Repair or Replace Concrete Curbs & Gutters

Concrete curbs and gutters can pose significant safety hazards once they start to crumble or crack, which can mean liability concerns for property owners if someone trips or has an accident. A damaged gutter also impedes how water is routed away from desired areas. Lastly, once the implements show signs of deterioration, they will also become an unsightly eyesore that can potentially lower your property value. G&G Concrete & Construction Inc specializes in curb & gutter repair, in addition to construction. Whether you need a barrier or a mountable curb, we can come up with a design that is both affordable and sturdy.
They were here on time when they said they would be, did a excellent job, very nice guys cleaned up everything very nicely, and it has only been a few days but I was very satisfied with them and would recommend them to anyone. I have also received many compliments on my driveway.
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