Commercial Concrete Curb & Gutter Services

Concrete curbs and gutters can offer years of functionality and aesthetic appeal. However, even these durable elements need to be repaired or replaced over time. Non-functioning, damaged curbs and gutters result in poor drainage, localized flooding, soil erosion, potholes and cracks, foundation issues, and so much more. Whether you need newly installed curbs and gutters or maintenance work and repairs, G&G Concrete & Construction is ready to help. We’ve been helping business owners throughout southeast Michigan for over 20 years and are committed to providing high-quality, durable results to our customers.

Our Services


G&G Concrete & Construction installs barrier (straight), mountable, edging, rolling, decorative, and gutter curbs.

All elements are customized based on profile, shape, color, texture, size, depth, and requested logos or markings. We also provide customized drainage solutions based on your property, along with additional reinforcements for areas with heavy traffic or high load requirements and/or expansion joints to prevent cracking due to constant temperature fluctuations.


In most cases, if you notice widespread damage or issues with the structural integrity of your curbs, you need to replace them.

We offer two different replacement methods: traditional, which involves excavating the site and creating the curbs and gutters on the spot, or precast, where we install curbs that have already been made ahead of time. When replacing your curbs, we always ensure they match the rest of the existing elements to prevent aesthetic inconsistencies. Additionally, our team will manage the permit process to avoid project delays.

Repairs & Maintenance

Our experts at G&G Concrete & Construction can perform all types of repair and maintenance work, including:

  • Crack Repairs
  • Spalling Repairs
  • Joint Repairs
  • Resurfacing
  • Partial Replacement
  • Erosion Repair
  • Drainage Improvements
  • Realignment & Releveling
  • Joint Sealing

Signs You Need to Repair or Replace Your Curbs & Gutters

If you notice any of the following signs, contact G&G Concrete & Construction today:

  • Hairline Cracks
  • Larger Cracks
  • Spalling & Crumbling
  • Broken Concrete
  • Drainage Issues/Water Flow Issues

If the issue is localized, we will most likely recommend repairs. However, if the issues are widespread, you may need a replacement. No matter the issue(s), we’re committed to helping you find the most cost-effective solution.


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