How Long Does Stamped Concrete Last?

Create a cozy patio, elegant walkway or other great feature around your home with professionally installed stamped concrete. This surface option offers a long lifetime and low cost, so it’s a great alternative to featureless concrete or pavers. Learn more about the expected lifetime and benefits of using stamped concrete for your next backyard remodeling project.

Expected Lifetime

With proper installation and use, stamped concrete lasts about 25 years. This is the same expected lifetime of standard concrete, in part because it’s the same material. The major difference between stamped concrete and standard concrete is a stamp is pressed into the surface as it’s slightly dry. This process is best performed by professionals to avoid uneven application.

Just like standard concrete, your new stamped service isn’t maintenance free. To enjoy 25 years of a comfortable patio or other outdoor surface, ask your paving team about maintenance services. Sealant and crack repair are preventative maintenance tasks that can help you enjoy years of additional use.

Factors That Affect its Lifetime

Not every stamped concrete installation reaches the long lifetime of 25 years. Unfortunately, there are a number of factors that can cut that lifetime short:

  • Improper installation
  • Lack of sealer
  • Heavy weights on the surface
  • No maintenance services

G&G Concrete & Construction is an experienced and qualified paving team serving Macomb, Oakland and Wayne counties in Michigan. As your local leader in paving, we’re proud to offer the highest quality concrete and affordable maintenance services to enjoy a long-lasting stamped concrete surface.

Benefits of Sealing Stamped Concrete

A sealer is a critical part of your concrete construction. Concrete is naturally porous, which means that moisture can seep into it. Moisture alone may not cause significant issues, but winter weather in Michigan means that moisture is likely to freeze and thaw multiple times throughout the year. This freeze/thaw cycle can crack the surface of your stamped concrete or create deep structural issues.

Moisture Protection

Protect against all those moisture problems with a professionally installed seal coat. Sealed concrete doesn’t absorb water the same way as an unsealed surface, helping promote a longer lifetime in harsh weather conditions. Your outdoor stamped concrete in Michigan needs this level of moisture protection, so be sure your paving team includes it as part of the installation process. Some sealants require reapplication every one to three years, so ask your team about the recommended maintenance steps.

Affordable Alternative to Pavers and Bricks

Compare sealed and stamped concrete to paver stones or bricks to see why it’s the right choice for your outdoor project. Pavers and bricks can easily become loose, crack and create an uneven surface. This tripping hazard makes them a risky decision for walkways or patios.

Concrete offers the same textured look, but as a single, durable surface. Professionally stamped concrete looks remarkably similar to bricks or natural stones, particularly when stained or dyed.

Staining and Dyeing Services

This process is the perfect touch to update your curb appeal or backyard beauty. Discuss the look you’re going for with our team at G&G Concrete & Construction. Next, we recommend a particular stain or dye to help you achieve a more natural look or for a personalized project.

Stains and dyes are applied before a sealer. They penetrate the surface of your concrete to create a color that lasts the lifetime of your concrete. Some dyes create a natural look, while others are similar to paint and can be used to brighten up your path or patio. Ask a professional to apply a stain or dye, as it’s a permanent step that’s difficult to fix if applied improperly.

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