Residential Concrete Driveways

The appearance of your driveway is a major factor in the overall curb appeal of your home. Having a high-quality and well-maintained driveway adds to the overall aesthetic of your property, in addition to providing important functionality. At G&G Concrete & Construction Inc. we offer over 20 years of experience building and customizing residential concrete driveway construction.

What is Concrete?

Concrete is a composite material containing different types of rock aggregate held together by cement mixed with water. It can be poured and formed into any required shape and then cures and hardens over time. Concrete construction is a specialized process involving the assembly of forms, grading and compacting of sub-base materials, insertion of structural rebar, mixing, pouring and leveling, as well as edging, finishing and customizing. Typically, residential concrete driveway construction is performed toward the end of the home-building process.

Benefits of Residential Concrete Driveway Construction

Driveways can be made of a variety of materials including asphalt, cobblestone, pavers and concrete. Concrete driveways are the most affordable, durable, and offer the most options for customization.
  • Affordable: Driveways made of concrete are much less expensive than those made of cobblestone or pavers. Asphalt is cheap, but needs more frequent repair and maintenance. Concrete driveway maintenance is limited, so concrete offers the best value as a driveway construction material.
  • Durable: Concrete driveways are built to withstand heavy loads. Under the proper conditions, concrete driveways will last much longer than any other type of driveway.
  • Customizable: To achieve the ideal driveway for your residence, G&G Concrete & Construction Inc¬†offers a variety of design options including concrete construction finishes that will complement your home. Concrete comes in a variety of colors and can be personalized with unique stamping or edging.

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