The Process of Hiring a Concrete Contractor: Steps, Costs, & Benefits

Construction Worker Pooring Wet Deck Cement Into Wooden Frame

When considering any home construction project, it is necessary to research and review your options. However, while many people understand the importance of such decisions, they are often overwhelmed by the number of contractors and the varying degree of estimates, which can lead to several misconceptions, including that the most expensive option is the best. Therefore, […]

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Top Mistakes People Make When Installing Concrete

Concrete contractors do not get the credit they deserve. Their job is not as simple or straightforward as it may seem to a spectator. However, there are numerous calculations, tools and concrete types that must be considered before any job. Therefore, before deciding that you, with limited to no practical experience, are capable of pouring […]

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What Type of Concrete Is Used for Driveways?

Are you ready to upgrade your gravel or dirt driveway? If you’re tired of a muddy, washed-out driveway, a concrete driveway is an excellent option for a durable, firm drive for years to come. Learn what type of concrete professional concrete driveway contractors use in your area, and find out how you can enjoy a […]

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How Much Does It Cost to Pour a Slab of Concrete?

Whether you’re building a new garage, paving your driveway or adding a garden shed to your property, it can be difficult to find accurate concrete estimates for your project. As you compare concrete construction companies, look for a company that’s both affordable and reliable. At G&G Concrete and Construction, we aim to provide accurate estimates […]

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How To Choose a Good Concrete Contractor

A building is only as solid as its foundation, which is just one good reason why a good contracting company is worth its weight in gold. No matter if you’re looking to pour a slab for new construction or replace existing cement, you’re much better off going with an experienced business instead of opting for […]

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How Much Does it Cost to Build a Concrete Parking Lot?

Parking lots are critical to business operations. However, finding concrete parking lot contractors is not straightforward. Sure, there are many to choose from, but which are trustworthy and which will get the job done to your liking. Selection is made even more complicated when collecting bids because most companies will vary in price, but what […]

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How Thick Should a Concrete Parking Lot Be?

  Concrete is becoming a popular alternative to asphalt. However, many companies and homeowners still have questions regarding the proper concrete parking lot installation. Find out the ideal thickness for your concrete parking lot, learn the benefits of choosing concrete and find a local concrete contractor who can provide you with a safe, reliable parking […]

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Is Asphalt or Concrete Cheaper?

  At G&G Concrete and Construction Inc., we believe that building or renovating a home is an exciting experience. Homeowners have the amazing opportunity to choose the minor details that come together to make a house a dream home. One detail that many homeowners struggle with is whether to build an asphalt or concrete driveway. […]

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Signs to Repair or Replace Your Concrete Parking Lot

If a concrete lot is taken care of, it is not unusual for it to last 20 to 30 years. However, every parking lot regardless of care and maintenance will eventually begin showing signs of age, like cracks and warping. Thankfully, many issues are cosmetic and can be repaired, but some problems may be so […]

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Types of Concrete Curbs

Whether you’re a business owner or a homeowner, you likely have never spent much time thinking about curbs. But you might want to give them some thought.

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