What Type of Concrete Is Used for Patios

What Type of Concrete Is Used for PatiosIs your home missing a comfortable outdoor living area? Define your yard and create a stylish gathering area for your friends and family by working with a professional concrete contractor. At G&G Concrete & Construction, we specialize in innovative stamped concrete patios for residential and commercial locations. Explore the types of patios available and the benefits of working with our team in Macomb, Oakland and Wayne County.

Types of Concrete Patios

The first thing you need to know about stamped concrete is that you have far more design options than you can imagine. Compared to natural stone or other patio material options, stamped concrete can come in a remarkable range of colors and patterns.

It all starts with a base color of concrete. Choose an integral color or have a color hardener added to emphasize the base color of your concrete. Next, the concrete is poured by our expert team for a smooth, long-lasting, and efficient patio.

Once it’s poured, our custom stamps are pressed into the surface to create a stamped pattern. These patterns create a stone, tile, brick, or other texture to add visual interest and personal flair to your patio. Don’t settle for a flat, generic patio, but create a seating area that matches your existing walkway or blends in perfectly with your landscaping.

After the stamping, drying, washing, and cutting processes are complete, it’s time to consider sealants. Sealing stamped concrete prevents stains and moisture issues. Sealers can alter the color of your stamped concrete to add visual interest and depth of color.

Discuss any necessary maintenance steps with our team. Stamped concrete patios are incredibly durable and hold up well to daily use, but you’ll need to seal them after years of use. Ask our team about the best time to revisit your sealant for your specific patio.

Benefits of Stamped Concrete Patios

Why choose a stamped concrete patio? Explore the benefits of this durable and convenient surface to see why stamped concrete may be right for your home or business. Here are some basic benefits of choosing concrete:

  • Plenty of color and pattern options
  • Long-lasting protection
  • Fast installation process
  • Low-maintenance convenience

Natural stone and brick come in a few different color and pattern options, but it can be difficult to find the perfect match for your landscaping and surrounding concrete features. If a brick or stone needs to be replaced in the future, you may not be able to find the right match. Stamped concrete is easy to install and repair in a wide range of personalized options.

Heavy traffic causes stones and bricks to shift and settle. Stamped concrete may look like several pieces connected with mortar, but it’s actually a solid piece. Enjoy a unified, smooth patio surface that doesn’t sag and create tripping hazards in years to come.

Our expert team of concrete specialists can prepare, pour, and finish your patio in no time. Compared to stone and brick patios, our process is surprisingly fast and efficient. This reduces the overall time frame of your remodeling project and allows you to enjoy your outdoor area.

Finally, sealing is one of the only maintenance services you’ll need to schedule for your concrete patio. Enjoy years of outdoor gatherings with little maintenance and low maintenance costs. Don’t worry about replacing stones, adding mortar or performing other time-consuming and costly maintenance steps to keep your patio safe and comfortable.

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