Concrete Services Explained: Parking Lots, Road Repair, Flooring, And More

Crumbling parking lots, concrete floors that are uneven and cracking, and roads with improper slope or potholes all have one thing in common. They are a public safety hazard and will cast an unprofessional appearance on your commercial business.

To keep commercial properties safe and performing at their highest level, G and G Concrete and Construction offers top-notch road repair and concrete services for parking lots, flooring, exterior walkways, and sidewalks.

We put our extensive experience to use by informing our clients when and if their concrete surfaces may benefit from heavier reinforcement to withstand heavy foot traffic or high-performing coatings or special finishes such as slip-resistant surface coating.

Parking Lot Construction

Parking lots suffer a lot of abuse and if not installed properly in the beginning, these surfaces can require constant patching and repair. G&G has a reputation for constructing high-quality concrete parking lots that are more cost-effective when compared to asphalt surfaces.

Our clients benefit from a parking lot surface that has reduced maintenance costs and a longer life span. And, concrete parking lot surfaces are popular for their ability to stand up to heavy vehicle and equipment traffic without developing depressions or buckling.

Road Repair

The roads we travel play a crucial part in the day-to-day operations of communities and businesses. G and G Concrete and Construction offers services to repair roads that are cracked, rutting, stripped of texture, or littered with potholes.

Our goal is to exceed your expectations with concrete road repairs that are professional, durable, and offer many years of low-maintenance service. We accomplish this by using the latest and most advanced road repair techniques available.

Industrial Concrete Flooring

G and G knows the importance of industrial concrete flooring for manufacturers that have heavy machinery and high foot and wheel traffic such as forklifts. Your industrial concrete floors must also withstand chemical spills that would quickly deteriorate other floor surfaces.

We are here to help keep your industrial operations moving with floors that are durable, easy to clean, and resist scratches, chemicals, and oil stains. When you partner with G&G we can advise you on the right concrete mixture and surface finishing to fit your specific industrial applications.

Curb and Gutter Detail

As part of our road repair and concrete services, G and G can help beautify your landscape with professional curb and gutter detailing designed to accentuate your property. Also, gutters and curbs that are in good condition are not only a landscaping detail, but they help divert rainwater into municipal storm drains to prevent surface flooding.

Let G&G concrete services repair or replace the gutter and curbs around your commercial property with your choice of curb styles, including barrier curbs, mountable curbs, and decorative curbs.

Why Choose G&G Concrete for Commercial Concrete Services?

G and G Concrete and Construction Inc. is a family-owned business that has been in Michigan communities for over 20 years. Not only do we have many repeat customers, but we are also happy to serve the many clients that have been referred by our great clients that have been extremely satisfied with the quality of our work and the professionalism of our crew.

Visit us online to view a portfolio of our work, then call to talk with one of the sales specialists about G&G’s commercial concrete services, which include beautification services such as stamped concrete in a wide variety of colors and decorative finishes

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