Should You Invest in a Concrete Patio for Your Home?

Before deciding whether to invest in a concrete patio or opt for wood or paving stones ask yourself this question. Do you want to enjoy summer days lounging or entertaining guests on your deck rather than laboring your weekends away weeding between paving stones or repainting wooden deck planks? If your answer is yes, concrete is the patio material for you. Read on to learn other reasons it’s the better choice.

The Benefits of Installing a Concrete Patio

Installing a concrete patio gives you more styling options. Concrete allows you to be as conservative as you’d like or if it suits your personality better, to go all out with vibrant colors and unconventional shapes, outlines, or stamping. The advances in color and stain made in recent years give you an extensive pallet to choose from. So, whether you want to achieve a neutral transition from the colors of nature or announce to the world that your patio is a place unto itself, poured-in-place concrete can make it happen.

And unlike wood, concrete can be poured into any shape, so it can fit the dimensions of even the most quirkily-shaped backyard. And speaking of quirky, if you can come up with a design no matter how unique, your contractor can engrave it into your patio thanks to state-of-the-art stamping tools. If you’re curious about how long stamped concrete lasts, read our blog here. But if you lean towards conservative design, you can leave it smooth and rectangular as homeowners have been doing for years. Or you can go with exposed arrogate for a more rustic look.

But no matter what you want your concrete patio to look like, maintenance is minimal. Other than sweeping or leaf-blowing when necessary and hosing it down every once in a while, there’s no need for painting and sealing, and no weeds to pluck from between paving stones. The only thing your patio will require of you is that you sit back and enjoy it. For more helpful information, read our blog covering What Type of Concrete Is Used for Patios.

Concrete Patios as an Investment

Versatility and ease of maintenance are two of the reasons a concrete patio is a solid investment. And solid is the definitive word here. Concrete is solid. It stands up to sub-freezing temperatures and pounding rain, This means that unlike stone paving stones which are subject to cracking or becoming dislodged, it won’t need costly repairs or replacement pavers. Either will it rot, splinter, or become a feeding ground for termites and carpenter ants like wood, so you won’t have to spend money on new planks, nails, and unless you’re handy with wood, paying a carpenter to cut and hammer them into place.

If the rule of thumb for making an investment is to buy low and sell high, a concrete patio follows it to the T. Not only is the initial layout less than it would be with either wood or paving stones, but it also adds value to your home. So when the time comes to sell your house you’ll be selling high because potential buyers will be willing to pay more for a patio that has stood the test of time and come out looking as good as new.

Environmentally speaking, installing one of these patios is an investment in the future of the planet since no trees need to be cut down to replace damaged wood, and no harmful chemicals from solvent-based wood stains sealers will leach into the soil nor will their fumes pollute the air.

Why Choose G&G Concrete for your Concrete Patio

If you live in Wayne, Macomb, Oakland County, or any other community in the wider Metro Detroit area of Michigan, there are multiple reasons for choosing G&G Concrete to install your patio. First of all, we’re top-quality from start to finish. That goes not only for the materials that go into our concrete but also for our workers who are all highly experienced. If you ask any of your neighbors who have relied on us to construct their patios you’ll hear words like professional, diligent, polite, and quality used time and again. And just to make sure you’ll have the same sentiments, at least one of us, the owners will be onsite each day to be of help if needed.

Speaking of us, G&G concrete has remained a family-owned run business for over 20 years. What this means is that you’ll be putting money back into the community when you let us install your patio. And since we’re local, you’ll also be doing a favor to the environment. Our trucks hauling bobcats, gravel spreaders, and equipment won’t be traveling as long a distance as would those of contractors from more distant parts of the region. So we’ll be using less oil and gas.

But patio installation is just one of the jobs people entrust us with. We’re also called upon to build driveways and lay concrete floors. And when you’re out and about in the area, and you encounter workers repairing the roads, building catch basins, shoring up curbs, or laying gravel for a shopping center parking lot, look closely. You may see G&G Concrete on the equipment and trucks.

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