What Type of Concrete Is Used for Driveways?

Concrete Driveways

Are you ready to upgrade your gravel or dirt driveway? If you’re tired of a muddy, washed-out driveway, a concrete driveway is an excellent option for a durable, firm drive for years to come. Learn what type of concrete professional concrete driveway contractors use in your area, and find out how you can enjoy a cost-effective driveway installation at your home or commercial location.

Ready-Mix Concrete

Typically, you can use either ready-mix or dry-mix for any residential concrete project. A dry mix requires you or a professional to mix it on-site, while a ready-mix comes at the ideal consistency and is ready to be poured immediately.

Choose ready-mix concrete to receive the ideal strength and consistency for your driveway. Ready-mix offers the longevity and durability you need for daily use. It’s a cost-effective option if you’re planning on pouring an entire driveway, as a professional concrete truck can arrive and immediately start the project with less preparation time.

Other Types of Residential Concrete

Of course, there are many other residential concrete projects. While ready-mix concrete is ideal for driveways, consider other residential concrete projects and what the most effective concrete type is.

In general, larger projects are best left to ready mix. Pouring a new foundation, RV slab or sidewalk on your property is far more efficient with ready-mix concrete. For smaller projects, like a small staircase, countertop or small table or bench, dry mix can be a more cost-effective approach. These smaller projects require a great deal of coordination in pouring concrete, so professional contractors use forms and hand tools to create the perfect shape and design.

Pouring Concrete for Driveways

The key to concrete driveway installation is proper preparation. Professional concrete contractors use a range of tools and techniques to provide you with a long-lasting, smooth driveway that won’t settle and can support the weight of your vehicles.

Typically, a concrete driveway requires two or three inches of an aggregate base, such as sand, gravel or limestone. Once the base is even and at the ideal thickness, four inches of concrete is poured and smoothed on top. Minimum weight ratings for concrete driveways is 4,000 psi of strength after one month, although most contractors target rating is 4,500 psi.

Stamped Concrete Driveways

A popular option for unique residential driveways is stamped concrete. Stamped concrete offers a wide range of looks and designs. Using stamp allows your professional concrete contractors to create a concrete driveway that has the appearance of these and other materials:

  • Slate
  • Stone
  • Brick

Enjoy the natural look of a brick or natural stone driveway without the additional expense and maintenance. Stamped concrete combines the cost-effective durability of concrete with the beautiful, natural look of these traditional building materials. Be sure to choose an experienced professional to ensure your stamped concrete has a flawless look and natural feel.

Importance of Professional Concrete Contractors

Preparing and pouring a concrete driveway requires extensive expertise and heavy equipment. It’s best to leave this major project to professional concrete contractors to ensure a level, safe and long-lasting driveway.

When you choose a leading concrete contracting company for your residential concrete driveway, you’ll enjoy the efficient installation and a range of design options. Choose to create a small parking lot off of your driveway, a circle drive or other unique features.

Learn More Today

If you’re ready to launch an exciting concrete driveway project at your home, request a quote from a leading concrete driveway construction team in your area. G&G Concrete & Construction offers expert services and affordable prices for all your concrete construction needs. From design and installation to repairs and maintenance, we work with you to provide a beautiful, convenient driveway to use for years to come.

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