How Much Does It Cost to Pour a Slab of Concrete?

cost to pour concrete slab

Whether you’re building a new garage, paving your driveway or adding a garden shed to your property, it can be difficult to find accurate concrete estimates for your project. As you compare concrete construction companies, look for a company that’s both affordable and reliable. At G&G Concrete and Construction, we aim to provide accurate estimates and timely service for your concrete project.

Cost Factors for Concrete Slabs

There are many factors that go into the price of concrete. Depending on whether you’re searching for residential concrete for a small slab or industrial concrete contractors for an extra-large foundation, the price can vary dramatically. Regardless of your project, it pays to hire an expert, so don’t be fooled by rock-bottom prices by inexperienced concrete companies. Here are some typical estimates for most concrete projects:

  • Per square foot: $4 to $8
  • Per cubic yard: $113 to $126

These are basic estimates, as each concrete slab project is highly unique. Some unusual designs require more work to pour and form, while other concrete projects require a thicker slab. The best way to determine an exact estimate is to contact us at G&G Concrete and Construction. Before you do, here are some general estimates based on the project.

Driveway Slab Estimates

The best concrete construction companies charge between $1,440 and $3,360 for a 20×24 driveway. We can work with you to create innovative features to expand your drive or reduce costs by finding alternative solutions. This large project is typically poured onsite, where our expert workers will prepare a site, spread the concrete and finish off your concrete driveway.

Garage Slab Estimates

For a garage, most concrete construction companies charge between $3,057 and $5,944 for a 24×24 slab. This depends on the site and the thickness of your slab. Most garages use either a four-inch reinforced slab or a six-inch reinforced one. Consider the vehicle weight and other factors and discuss your options with our team to determine the best slab for your garage.

Shed Slab Estimates

Concrete construction companies, on average, require about $670 to $930 for a slab for a shed. Since a garden shed or tool shed doesn’t need to handle the same weight as a garage, you can use a four-inch slab to safely support your shed and tools. A shed on a concrete slab will be far more supported and last longer than one without this durable foundation. A full concrete slab offers an easy work area that won’t easily be damaged by your lawn and garden tools.

Patio Slab Estimates

A concrete patio is a beautiful way to invest in your home and create an outdoor living area. Expect to pay between $5.53 to $10.25 per square foot for installed patio slab. For example, a 12×12 patio would cost between $796 and $1,476. A larger patio may have a lower cost per square foot, while an efficient patio will likely require a higher cost per square foot.

The cost range depends on the amount of concrete required and the overall size, as well as other restrictions. It’s best to ask for a personalized quote before starting a patio project. Patios typically only need a four-inch slab.

Receive an Estimate Today

When you need local concrete contractors to provide quality concrete services in Macomb, Oakland and Wayne County, you need G&G Concrete and Construction. Request a quote today to discover how we compare with other concrete construction companies and prepare for a durable, professional concrete slab for your next remodeling or new construction project. Breathe easy knowing that your driveway, garage, shed or patio is built on a firm foundation of reinforced concrete.

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